We are a dynamic, dedicated and highly skilled team working hard to deliver tools that allows our clients excel in their business.

We produce fast, sustainable, highly effective, cloud based business software to our clients to put them at the right competitive advantage to achieve their business goals.

Our company is all about our ‘Customers’. We listen to them to get crystal clear understanding of what they require from us and then strategically create and customize your business software according to your business needs.

Our Mission

To please our clients by delivering fast, innovative and practical technology to put them at competitive advantage in order to improve and grow their business

Our Vision

  • Portfolio – Be a reliable, fast, growing technologically advanced company in order to serve the world the best.
  • People – be a great place for people to work where they can be as innovative as they want to be
  • Productivity – be a highly effective and efficient company that delivers quality products
  • Consumers – To ensure that our clients get the very best out of us
  • Environment – To be a responsible citizen to ensure that our future generation has equal opportunity to enjoy the natural environment

Our Values

To us, People matter. Our clients, Our team, family & the individual play a vital role to our company

Professional the way we handle things

Our positive attitude is the ‘thing’ that keeps us moving forward

We are a fun and friendly company. Our company culture ensures a smoother environment and a memorable experience for our team and our clients

Y-Max strives for innovation, accepts challenge and work towards a rewarding position.

Customer Care

Our company is all about ‘You’, our customers. We have a highly skilled, dedicated team working to improve your business in every possible way. We are ready to listen to you and creatively produce the software best suits your business activities. We have a dedicated team providing ongoing support and care plans for your business software.


If you believe you have what is takes to work at a dynamic, smart thinking, technologically advanced international team of business software and marketing experts? We’d love to hear from you! We are always on the look out for energetic, enthusiastic and customer oriented individuals to uplift our company spirit. If you think you are a good fit for our company, please send your resume to [email protected]

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